Best Tomato Paste Substitutes

Anne Clark

Hi!  I'm Anne, the founder and content creator at My Kitchen Serenity, a food blog focused on busy moms and dads who are looking for easy and delicious recipes for the family.

Run out of tomato paste for your recipe? Here is my list of the best  substitutes for tomato paste

Tomato Passata

- Made from pureed uncooked tomatoes - Usually used as a thickening agent - 3 tbs tomato passata to 1 tbs tomato paste

Fresh Tomatoes

- Peel and remove seeds - Cook tomatoes down  - Use 1 large tomato for every tablespoon of tomato paste

Tomato Sauce

- Thinner version of tomato paste - Use 2 - 3 tbs of tomato sauce for every tablespoon of tomato paste

Diced Tomatoes

- Immense amount of water - Will need to be cooked down to increase thickness and concentration

Stewed Tomatoes

- Cook down to reduce amount of water and get a smoother consistency - Often mixed with spices and other ingredients for unique flavor

Tomato Puree

- Great substitute to mimic smooth condensed consistency of tomato paste - Double amount of puree for tomato paste

Crushed Tomatoes

- Drain, season, and mix for thickness to create a great tomato paste substitute


- Very similar consistency with tomato paste being a bit thicker - Ketchup will have a sweeter flavor - Use a 1 : 1 ratio with substituting

Marinara Sauce

- Thick pasta sauce mixed with onions, garlic, and olive oil - Use 2 tbs of marinara sauce for every tbs of tomato paste

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