Cajun Sausage & Chicken Jambalaya

By Anne Clark

Anne Clark

Hi!  I'm Anne, the founder and content creator at My Kitchen Serenity, a food blog focused on busy moms and dads who are looking for easy and delicious recipes for the family.

Why you will love this recipe!

This jambalaya recipe is easy to make and is completely packed with Louisiana flavor.

Recipe Info

-Prep Time: 10 mins -Cook Time: 40 mins -Servings: 6 -Calories: 645 kcal


-Olive oil -Chicken thighs -Smoked sausage -Diced onion, bell pepper, and celery -Diced tomatoes -Chicken broth -Dried parsley -Dried basil -Garlic powder -Cajun seasoning -Salt and pepper -Long grain rice


-Sharp kitchen knife -Cutting board -Heavy, 5-qt pan with lid -Measuring cups -Measuring spoons

Step 1

-Add oil to 5-qt pan over medium heat until simmering -Sprinkle seasoning on cubed chicken -Brown chicken 3 min -Set chicken aside

Step 2

-Add sausage and brown for 5 min -Add onion, bell pepper, and celery -Simmer on medium heat for 5 min

Step 3

-Add tomatoes, broth, and seasonings -Mix well and taste test -Return chicken to pot

Step 4

-Add raw rice and mix well -Bring to boil, cover, and lower heat -Simmer for 10 min

Step 5

-Cover and lower heat (very gentle simmer) -Cook another 30 min or until rice is done


-To save time: use 10 oz of bag of frozen chopped celery, bell peppers, and onion blend.

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