Southern Homemade Chili

Southern homemade chili is a true comfort food classic that's easy to make and absolutely delicious!  Serve it anytime of the year but especially good when there's a cool breeze!


- ground beef - chili beans - diced tomatoes for chili - onion, bell pepper, and celery - tomato sauce - chili powder - Cajun seasoning

How to Make It

Follow our easy instructions for How to Make Southern Homemade Chili!

Cook the ground beef.


Add the trinity (chopped onion, bell pepper, and celery).


Add chili beans, chili tomatoes, tomato sauce, and seasonings.


Slow-simmer for at least 1 hour (2 hours is even better). This makes the beef very tender and the chili extra flavorful!


What to Serve with Chili - serve it over hot cooked rice or baked potato, with crackers, corn chips, or cornbread!

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