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Welcome to My Kitchen Serenity!

Struggling to decide what to make for dinner?  Looking for a great low-carb dessert for that party this weekend?   

At My Kitchen Serenity, I provide you with answers to your “what-to-cook” dilemmas. 

Are you looking for a quick and delicious meal for dinner tonight?  Ready to add a new twist to your regular menu? 

Is so, My Kitchen Serenity might be just the right place for you.  Whether you’re making a meal for a large family, or just for two, I hope you will find these easy recipes fit all your needs!

Hi!  I’m Anne the woman behind the apron.  

We all have our own unique way of finding that perfect place that gives us peace and serenity. For me, it’s my kitchen. I love to try new recipes and experiment with different types of ingredients.  It’s my own space to think, create, and relax.

My goal in creating My Kitchen Serenity is to provide you with a wide variety of easy dinner recipes, side dishes, and desserts, all with a touch of Southern flair. Southern flair simply means food with plenty of flavor! I also create Easy Low Carb and Keto recipes. Why? Because our family has different eating styles and requirements just like most families. So I want to make sure you find that special recipe, no matter what category or course it is, here at My Kitchen Serenity.