Welcome to My Kitchen Serenity!

Hi!  I’m Anne the woman behind the apron.  My goal in creating My Kitchen Serenity is to provide you with a wide variety of easy dinner recipes, side dishes, and desserts.

Most of the recipes you find here come from old family recipes or my own recipe creations. Over the years, I’ve tweaked countless recipes to make them our family favorites.  A lot of my recipes have a Southern flair to them, meaning they are boldly flavorful and use the freshest ingredients, when readily available.  Here, you’ll find recipes for some of the southern comfort food that I grew up on and many generations before me.

As the children have grown, and we’ve gotten older, we’ve learned to prepare and enjoy a wide variety of food and a large range of eating preferences.  That’s why I’ve also created delicious low carb and keto recipes.  Because our family has different eating styles and requirements just like most families. So I want to make sure you find that special recipe, no matter what category or course it is, here at My Kitchen Serenity.   

Why is my site called My Kitchen Serenity? We all have our own unique way of finding that perfect place that gives us peace and serenity. For me, it’s my kitchen. I love to try new recipes and experiment with different types of ingredients. It’s my own space to think, create, and relax.

Thanks again for visiting My Kitchen Serenity!  Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

Take Care,