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Easy Crock Pot Mexican Casserole

This Crock Pot Mexican Casserole is packed with flavor and loaded with ingredients such as corn, black beans, salsa, and brown rice.  Simply cook the ground beef and add the remaining ingredients to your slow cooker.  Turn the crock pot on and let it do its magic.

Everybody has their favorite version of Mexican casserole.  This one is our favorite because it’s full of flavor and always turns out perfect.  It’s versatile, too.  Everybody can add their own toppings so everybody is perfectly pleased, right.

Crock Pot Love

Every time I use the crock pot for my favorite slow cooker recipes, I always ask myself, “why don’t I use this crock pot more often!”

The crock pot is simply a magical meal maker!  There’s something special and delicious about a meal that’s been slow cooked all day.  This crock pot Mexican casserole is perfect for an easy weeknight meal.  Here’s the before picture.

mexican casserole crockpot lifeloveandblog

This recipe uses long grain brown rice.  As I have discovered, and you probably have too, brown rice takes much longer to cook than white rice.  So, if you plan to use white rice instead of brown rice, you probably won’t have to cook it as long.  Perhaps as much as one hour less using white rice.

The Salsa and Corn = More Flavor – More Better

I like to use salsa instead of canned tomatoes for this recipe.  Why?  Flavor!  Salsa has much more flavor than canned tomatoes.  Plus, you can choose your spice level.  Use mild, medium, or hot salsa.  Use whatever suits your tastebuds!

We use Southwest Whole Kernel Corn with Pablano and Red Peppers.  Why?  I’ll give you 3 guesses!  If you guessed it’s because this corn has more flavor than plain whole kernel corn, then you are correct!  I like to take every opportunity to add more flavor to a meal.  Bland is for the birds!

mexican casserole in crockpot lifeloveandblog

Time Saving Tip Alert! 

Have you tried the frozen chopped onion, bell pepper, and celery blend?  I tell you that this stuff is the only way for me.  Once I discovered this, I have yet to chop another onion (and I have not shed any tears since!).  Some people may gawk at the idea of using this, but if fresh onions and bell peppers are your thing, then continue to chop, chop, chop.  Fresh is better, I won’t even try to convince you otherwise.  But in my world, the pre-chopped, frozen version works for me!

Get Your Crock Pot Mexican Casserole On and Get Creative

Now, you can enjoy this Mexican casserole as is, right out of the crock pot when it’s done.  Spoon it into a bowl, add a squeeze of fresh lime juice and some shredded cheese and enjoy.  Add some avocado and sour cream and you’re good to go. 

mexican casserole bowl lifeloveandblog

Some people have been known to eat this casserole with tortilla chips or corn chips.  Others have used this casserole as a filling for their wraps.  I’m always interested to hear how creative people can be with food!  This is truly an easy dinner meal.  Now, let’s get crocking!   

If you try this recipe, leave me a comment and let me know how it turned out.  I’d love to hear from you.

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